OECON launches new drone project – EUFOS

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles in safety-critical areas

Now it is official. OECON Products & Services can start development. The state of Lower Saxony gave the official go-ahead for EUFOS.

The EUFOS project aims to enable the use of unmanned drones by firefighters, police, rescue forces and service providers.

By modifying and rearranging already available technologies, the EUFOS project creates an innovative solution to develop a new product. This holds great potential, especially in the environment of BVLOS drone operations, to realize new areas of application in the professional sector - a goal that could not be achieved so far due to conventional technology.

  • Police, fire and rescue services
    • to shorten the time required to initiate necessary rescue measures
  • Service companies
    • to increase the security of critical infrastructure, e.g. airports
  • traffic monitoring
    • to increase safety and efficiency in road traffic

The complete article can be found under the heading Projects: Drones / UAV.

oecon eufos projekt

The project is funded by the state of Lower Saxony through the NBank and runs under the measure "Digitization in Transport".

Grant reference: ZW-80156497

Project period: 10.2020 – 03.2022

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