Location Data Simulator


Location Data Simulator

An exclusive product which is only available for the German market!

The OECON Location Data Simulator supplies calls within the digital ISDN-telephone network with digital location data in correspondence to the terms of the directive for emergency calls (TR-Notruf). All parameters that are defined within the TR-Notruf directive can be selected via web interface. When all parameters are set the connection to the ISDN-telephone network will be established. Suitable telephone systems can receive the data and provide it for further processing. The OECON Location Data Simulator works within closed networks of testbeds as well as in public telephone networks of network providers like the German Telekom.



  • support of communication features in the ISDN-D-channel
  • signal for incoming call with simultaneous transmission of positioning data
  • support of data transmission in regard to the specification of the TR-Notruf
  • can be used as transmitter for the simulation of outgoing emergency calls
  • positioning data can be encoded as coordinates, ellipsis, polygon, circle segment, address of the radio cell
  • transmission of audio files via speech channel
  • transmission of calling number
  • graphic user interface
  • can be used as external connection of a telephone system
  • can be operated as internal connection within a telephone system

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How the Location Data Simulator works

Standortdaten-Simulator II


  • expandable for eCall
  • supports the pan-european emergency call „eCall“ for transmission of vehicle data
  • can be used as test device for coordination centers and telephone systems


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