Extract of our current automotive projects


European platform for developing uniform standards & communication solutions for C-ITS applications

As a member state of the C-Roads cooperation, Germany will develop, test and further develop seven different C-ITS services under the supervision of the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute). The results will be brought into the European C-Roads platform and thus “C-Roads Germany” will contribute to a Europe-wide and transnational introduction of C-ITS services.


Development of standards for openly accessible high-resolution dynamic map data

In the course of the project, static (traffic signs, road works, etc.) and dynamic map data (weather, traffic situation, etc.) are processed and made available via the Urban Data Platform on the Internet and via the infrastructure using WLAN-based ITS-G5 communication.


Testfeld Niedersachsen

Test field for connected and automated driving in Lower Saxony

The Lower Saxony test field is an open research platform that will be available to partners from industry and research for individual test and research purposes for the development and testing of automated and networked vehicles. The DLR is gradually installing the necessary technology on motorways 2, 7, 391 and 39 as well as on federal and rural roads.

logo testfeld niedersachsen


Networking of virtualized traffic infrastructures and automated driving functions for sustainable mobility solutions

The aim of the ViVre project is the networking of virtualized traffic infrastructures and automated driving functions for central traffic hubs, in order to develop building blocks for innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. In particular, concepts for new virtual stops are developed, implemented in road traffic and evaluated. Integrated functions of automated networked vehicles and virtualized infrastructure are being developed.



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