e-mobility Projects

ICT Services – Project 3.2 in the electric mobility showcase of Niedersachsen

Schauf_Elektromo_Logo_rgb-webICT Services provides a variety of interoperable and networked services to the different showcase subprojects with their existing infrastructure (e.g. charging stations) and mobility services (e.g. electric cars or pedelecs). These intelligent ICT solutions are the basis for a user-friendly and meaningful use of electric mobility (e.g. cross-modal routing).

OECON was responsible for the "Mapping- and Positioning-Service". The location-based services included following functions:

  • Mapping-Service to display localizable objects (e. g. pedelecs or electric cars) on current digital road maps of Germany with a customizable expandability to relevant Points of Interest (POI, e. g. charging stations, garages)
  • Routing-Service for optimized route planning, customized for different user groups (e.g. a pedelec may use different ways than an electrical car)
  • Functions for geofencing: leaving a pre-defined area causes predetermined activities

Furthermore, OECON developed the Isochrones-Service which is based on the Mapping- and Positioning-Service and provides all destinations that are reachable from any location within a certain time (so called isochrones). Vice versa it can determine the required time to cover specified routes. One field of application is, for example, the graphical display of all reachable charging stations depending on the available battery power.

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