eCall IVS Test Server

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Certified IVS Test Server for eCall Compliance Tests

The OECON eCall IVS Test Server offers a full control centre simulation for the handling of incoming eCalls.

The eCall IVS Test Server is certified and meets all requirements of the eCall-EU-standards (e.g. EN16454). Therefore it can be used to its full extend to conduct eCall compliance test with eCall in-vehicle systems (IVS) according to the „Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/79“. For these test the eCall IVS Test Server uses the OECON-eCall-Decoder, which already proved its reliability within hundreds of thousands of test in many control centres across Europe.

OECON has been dealing with the topic of pan-European eCall for many years and has already successfully completed many projects in the field of eCall .


The OECON eCall IVS Test Server is available as standalone solution or as upgrade of the Test- and Developmentserver.

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