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Extract of our projects in the area of personal mobility

The GENIAAL Life network, founded in 2011, is an association of companies and leading research institutions in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). The member companies specialize in research, development, production and implementation of products, services and assistance systems for self-determined, generational living and living in old age.

In this project, the declared goal was the GPS location and graphical representation of the route of the Volkswagen science relay to the opening event "Braunschweig is City of Science 2007".
In the EU project IEGLO, the project partners developed a demonstrator of an information and assistance system based on location and communication technologies, for determining the position of people in need both outside and within mutually independent buildings.


Project objectives / components

  • Route planning software - for creating safe routes, including all additional information as the basis for independent and safe navigation in the street
  • Traffic light system - Secure, reliable and highly available communication for the exchange of necessary information
  • Location and communication - Safe, reliable and highly available location concept for InMoBS handheld
  • Mobile device - handheld device for safe, comfortable navigation including the option of route planning and modification

The aim of the project was to develop a new type of access and billing system for public transport based on mobile radio-based location technology (mobile ticketing)


The goals of the SARHA project were:

  • Combination of the methods of modern satellite navigation with supplementary sensors
  • Integration of the combined navigation software on the receiver hardware

The SIMBA project researched and tested new concepts that increase the mobility and participation of older people in public life. Seamless mobility chains were created that function within existing infrastructures. The aim of SIMBA was to facilitate access to mobility structures and their use according to need and to increase safety by offering mobile health services.


The goals of the SOPHA project were:

  • Development of a GNSS software receiver
  • Implementation of the GNNS software receiver on a modern PDA platform

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