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sAFE-After-Market eCall for Europe

Definition of standards and specifications for the use of eCall aftermarket systems

The project "sAFE - Aftermarket eCall for Europe" is dedicated to paving the way for an effective and cost-efficient aftermarket eCall solution for every type of vehicle by developing standards, operating procedures, tests and certifications. A consortium of 23 international organisations is working together to increase road safety through the use of aftermarket eCall solutions.



HeERO addressed the pan-European vehicle-internal emergency service "eCall", which is based on the Europe-wide emergency number 112. During the three-year project period (January 2011 - December 2013), the HeERO consortium from nine European countries started the harmonized, interoperable 112-based emergency call system (E112).

Tasks of OECON:

Implementation phase

  • Analysis of functional and operational requirements
  • eCall system functionality and specification
  • Hardware installation and software implementation
  • Training of emergency services employees

Pilot operation

  • eCall Solution concept

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