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Extract from our projects in the field of logistics

The particular innovation in the "Safe Rail" project was the development of an energy-independent and maintenance-free location system in which various individual technologies were intelligently linked to one another, and thus a system was developed with which the position of rail vehicles could be determined at any time.

logo-galapagosThe goal of GALAPAGOS was to develop a location system for logistics applications with a focus on container location. The use of location, communication and identification technologies in the area of container management was examined. Satellite tracking (GPS, Galileo) and cell tracking (GSM, WLAN, RFID) have been combined into a hybrid solution that enables robust localization that is largely independent of the environment.

Within the framework of the "GNSS-INDOOR" project, various technologies for the position determination/location of people, vehicles and goods were intensively investigated, tested and demonstrated in different types of buildings. Besides the investigation of the performance of the respective individual systems, concepts for the combined use and integration of selected individual systems were developed and also tested, evaluated and demonstrated. The requirements and typical operating environments of various applications in the field of indoor navigation were taken into account (e.g. logistics, security, personal surveillance, sending emergency messages, transmission of position-related information, etc.). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • Increasing the efficiency and punctuality of aircraft turnarounds through new technologies and procedures through process integration and information sharing
  • Development of procedures and technologies for situation assessment, planning support, communication, monitoring of process conditions in the handling of aircraft, cargo, baggage, passengers.
  • logo-rfidDevelopment of a standardized assessment procedure that enables a clear statement to be made as to whether the use of location-based RFID labels for baggage handling at airports proves to be economical
  • Development of a mobile tracking device for tracking and tracing of RFID labels

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