About us

OECON Products & Services GmbH – Who we are

We are a subsidiary of the OECON Holding & Consulting GmbH and leading provider and system architect for applications of mobile positioning technologies. You can find us at the innovative “Braunschweiger Research Airport”.

Our products and services regarding positioning technologies and location-based services are especially tailored to the automotive, logistic and personal mobility industry. We offer special solutions and products for each industry. Other areas of priority are PSAP technology and location-based services for electric mobility.

Customers in EMEA, the Far East and USA take advantage of our products and services in the areas of logistics and automatic vehicle emergency call (eCall). We offer systems for optimization of logistical tasks and processes in the vessel and transport environment as well as for test automation and validation of emergency systems for vehicles and the PSAP side. Emergency control centres across Europe trust our eCall technology. As an ISDN specialist, we also offer customized solutions for the telecommunications sector.

Moreover OECON is a medium-sized company with over twenty years of experience in corporate consulting. Our work focuses on the development of business models, studies and research for technological facilities and on the field of new industries with a focus on communication, positioning and system design.

Core Competencies
In the last 20 years OECON was deeply involved in specifications for software development and subsequent applications in the area of GNSS for aviation, marine and land transport. GPS, differential GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and supportive SatNav systems were subjects of this work. By working with local businesses and taking advantage of the know-how of our employees in the areas of GNSS, aerospace and land-based transport, a professional and sustainable implementation of our tasks is guaranteed. Besides our core themes

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Satellite navigation
  • Communication and localization
  • Optimization of logistical processes
  • Personal mobility

we also offer:

  • Project planning and advising
  • Seminars and in- house workshops
  • Market- and cost- benefit- analysis
  • Project controlling


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