OECON with NavCert and volaer.io at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg

From 11-15 October 2021 you will find us in Hamburg at the ITS World Congress

We are pleased that the ITS World Congress is taking place in Germany this year. Together with NavCert and volaer.io, we will present ourselves at the ITS Germany joint stand and introduce the EUFOS drone/UAV project.

The "EUFOS" project aims to enable the use of unmanned drones by firefighters, police, rescue workers and service providers.

A complete package is being developed, consisting of drones with special sensor technology and suitable control software, tailored for:

  • Police, fire and rescue services
    • to shorten the time required to initiate necessary rescue measures
  • Service companies
    • to increase the security of critical infrastructure, e.g. airports
  • traffic monitoring
    • to increase safety and efficiency in road traffic

The ITS World Congress is the world's largest and most important event dealing with intelligent mobility and the digitalisation of transport.

ERTICO organises a European or World Congress in a major European city every year, with the ITS World Congress taking place in Europe every three years. (~ Source: Organiser)

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