OECON brings Portugal up to date with eCall technology

With OECON, Portugal is bringing its emergency call centers up to date with the latest technology and preparing for the new era of Next Generation eCall (NG eCall), which is based on LTE and 5G.

Up to now, the automatic vehicle emergency call "112" has been transmitted via GSM and UMTS networks. However, this technology will be replaced by 4G LTE and 5G infrastructures in the next few years. In technical terms, this means that the emergency call will be IP-based in the future and the transmission of MSD data can no longer be carried out via a circuit-switched GSM voice channel as in the past.

In order to be prepared for the future, the state of Portugal has now commissioned OECON with the technical re-equipping of its control centers. We are thus bringing Portugal up to the latest technical standard in terms of eCall. Existing installations are being updated and modernized. Where necessary, control centers will be equipped with completely new e-Call systems.

OECON has successfully established itself on the market with its eCall systems for more than 10 years now, especially worldwide. Emergency call centers all over the world are equipped with eCall systems from OECON.

We are proud and happy that we could convince once again with our quality and experience.

What is eCall?

eCall is the automatic emergency call system for motor vehicles initiated by the European Union based on the emergency call number 112. In the event of an accident or when triggered manually, an eCall is initiated and the "Minimum Set of Data" (MSD), such as the position of the vehicle and the vehicle identification number, etc., is transmitted to the control center (PSAP). The employee in the control center (PSAP) and the passengers in the vehicle can then communicate directly with each other.

Since 2018, all new vehicle models must be equipped with an eCall emergency call system according to EU regulations. This applies to both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.


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