OECON and volaer.io present with partners new tethered drone system

oecon-gefesseltedrohneTethered drones – flexible & mobile

volaer.io GmbH, Copting GmbH and ValoFly GmbH, have joined forces to develop and test a new innovative product. Now follows the gradual introduction into the market.

OECON Products & Services was also significantly involved in the development, as we supply the software for the decentralised control of the entire system.

The tethered drone is the perfect product to easily and quickly create a permanent aerial image. Whether for security purposes, construction progress analysis or data collection, our product offers a flexible and mobile solution that eliminates the need for large investments in fixed setups.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Use where it is needed
  • Relocate whenever desired
  • Mobile for many different applications

The tethered drone developed by volaer.io, Copting and ValoFly is thereby a complete package consisting of hardware, electronics and software, which was developed exclusively in Lower Saxony and is delivered directly from Lower Saxony to the customer.

A total of 5 companies from Lower Saxony were involved in the development & production:

The goal is & was to offer a professional, universally applicable, safe and innovative product that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

For more information, please contact Copting GmbH at: kontakt@copting.de

About Copting GmbH

Copting is a full service provider for unmanned aerial systems. For the UAV sector Copting offers consulting, project support and project management, flights of all kinds, construction of individual flight systems, service/maintenance up to education and training.

About ValoFly GmbH

ValoFly is a StartUp, situated in Holtensen near Einbeck. The young company develops solutions to operate tethered drones in continuous operation. These solutions are needed, for example, in the areas of defense, public and private security, disaster control and rescue. They see themselves “as a manufacturer of portable tether solutions as well as a supplier for individual projects.” (~ValoFly GmbH)

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