OECON Products & Services at the closing event of C-ROADS Germany

20_oecon-croads-abschlussIn the C-ROADS project, the foundation for the Europe-wide deployment of intelligent and networked transport infrastructure was laid in the past 4 years. The core of the C-ROADS platform was the cross-border harmonization and standardization of infrastructure-based C-ITS applications.

At the final event on 09.09.2020 at the Lilienthalhaus Braunschweig, the partners of the Lower Saxony pilot project will demonstrate various C-ITS applications in live operation.

Our colleague Jens Bläsche will present a talk about the system architecture, infrastructure and the developed virtual traffic management center.

The project partners C-ROADS Germany Lower Saxony:

The C-ROADS platform is a joint initiative of EU member states and road operators to test and implement C-ITS services for cross-border operability. It is co-funded by the European Union.


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