OECON at the expert panel for smart mobility in rural and urban areas

oecon-mobilitaet-workshopOn December 10, 2019, the 2nd workshop “Design Workshop Mobility” will take place in Braunschweig. Michael Gieselmann and Günther Kasties will be on site for the OECON.

Experts will discuss questions such as: Which challenges will mobility in urban and rural areas face in the future and which concepts and solutions are currently being developed or already exist in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region. Is our region already a “smart region”?

When: 10.12.2019 | 15.00 to 18.00 o’clock
Where: Allianz for the Region GmbH, Room Harz & Heide, Frankfurter Str. 284, 38122 Braunschweig

The event is being organized by Allianz für die Region GmbH in cooperation with ITS mobility GmbH.

picture source: 995645/Pixabay

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