C-Roads Germany: Final event of the pilot Lower Saxony

20-oecon-croadslogo C-RoadsResearch Airport Braunschweig/Lilienthalhaus, September 09, 2020

Within the framework of the European C-Roads initiative, the foundation stone for the Europe-wide introduction of intelligent and networked transport infrastructure has been laid in the past 4 years. The core of the activities is the cross-border testing and harmonization of infrastructure-based IT applications (C-ITS) for networked road users. C-Roads Germany with the pilot regions Hessen and Lower Saxony is one of 19 national pilot projects that implement C-ITS in a real traffic environment and contribute their framework concepts and experiences to the superordinate C-Roads Plattform.

Thanks to European Union funding, a total of three cooperative services could be developed in the pilot region of Lower Saxony and tested on a section of the Federal Motorway 2. These services include local warning of active emergency vehicles of the road maintenance service, digital provision of currently valid traffic signs and analysis of the traffic situation using the vehicle data released by the networked road users.

At the scientific final meeting of the Lower Saxony pilot on September 9th, the regional partners presented their main results under the moderation of the project coordinator Steve Schneider (ITS mobility) at the research airport Braunschweig. The selected group of participants had the opportunity to listen to expert lectures explaining the contents of the individual activities and to experience various C-ITS applications in live operation during individual test drives.

The activities in Lower Saxony were led by Nordsys GmbH, a service provider for software and system engineering. In addition, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transportation and Digitization together with the State Authority for Road Construction and Transportation and the other Lower Saxony companies eShuttle GmbH, IAV GmbH and OECON Products & Services GmbH were actively involved in the project. The activities were accompanied by ITS mobility GmbH and the Federal Highway Research Institute.

Further information: www.c-roads-germany.de

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