OECON eCall products

OECON ecall products worldwide

Customers in Europe, the Far East and USA already use our automatic vehicle emergency call (eCall) products and emergency control centres across Europe trust our eCall technology.


What is eCall

eCall is an emergency call system which is integrated into vehicles. The purpose of this system is to reduce the amount of people killed in road accidents drastically. The system will be mandatory in cars in Europe from 2018.

However, meanwhile eCall also gained substantial importance throughout the rest of the world. Thus, eCall test systems are also in use in the USA, UAE as well as in Asia (Japan and Malaysia).


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How does eCall work

After a road accident the eCall-system establishes automatically an emergency call directly to the nearest emergency services (normally the nearest 112 Public Safety Answering Point, PSAP), thereby carrying both voice and data. After it has been triggered the in-vehicle eCall dials 112 (European emergency number, E112 wireless call) and sends details of the accident to the emergency resuce services:

  • time of accident
  • accurate position
  • direction of travel (especially on motoways & in tunnels)

An emergency call can be generated either manually by the vehicle occupants by pushing a button or automatically via activation of in-vehicle sensors after a crash.




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