Personal Mobility

Some of our personal mobility projects




“Safe and mobile via accompanying assistant systems”

Goal of SIMBA was the development of new concepts to increase the mobility and participation of the elderly in public life. Essence was the development of seamless mobility chains that worked within the already existing infrastructure. Therefore the access to mobility structures and their usability was facilitated and safety was increased by offering mobile health services.



Infrastructure-Augmented EGNOS/Galileo Receiver for Personal Mobility (IEGLO)

In the EU project IEGLO, project partners developed a demonstrator. It is based on localization and communication technologies of an information-assistant system for the localization of persons in distress within and apart from buildings that are independent from each other.




Integration of a GNSS- software receiver with an improved integrity concept on a PDA platform for safety- critical PDA applications

Goals were the

  • development of a GNSS software receiver
  • implementation of the GNNS software receiver on a modern PDA platform




Network initiative for a generation-adequate, self-determined living in the future – The project for the development, promotion and implementation of technology- assistet products and solutions

The GENIAAL LEBEN network, founded in 2011, is a cooperation of companies and leading research institutions in the areas of Ambient Assissted Living (AAL). The members are specialized in the research, development, production and implementation of products, services and assistant systems for a self determined and generation adequate living for elderly.




Sensor- Augmented EGNOS/Galileo receiver for handheld applications in urban and indoor environments

Goals of the project were the

  • combination of modern satellite navigation processes with complementary sensors
  • integration of the combined navigation software on the receiver hardware

GPS track tracing



GPS-Live broadcast of the relay runners at the Braunschweiger Altstadtmarkt

Goal fo the project was the GPS track tracing and graphic presentation of the Volkswagen science relay route for the opening event for „Braunschweig is the science city of 2007“




Inner city mobility support for the blind and visually impaired at signalized junctions as well as indoor

Core modules

  • Internet options for route planning with a detailed, digital map
  • Mobile cellular device for the support of highly accurate localization
  • Mobile end device for barrier-free routing
  • Communication-capable traffic light technology




Multifunctional handy- ticketing

Goal was the development of a novel access- and accounting system for public traffic based on mobile serivce- supported localization technology (mobile ticketing).

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