Logistics positioning systems


LogiLoc® and LocYard – perfect positioning systems for your needs

Our RFID and GPS positioning systems are especially designed for different areas regarding logistics and transport


Try our intelligent container management system for efficient load carrier logistic with highest precision. The combination of RFID and GPS positioning technology allows for the complete and barrier-free monitoring of your load carriers, goods, and vehicles.

  • LogiLoc® combines the advantages of both in- and outdoor localization systems
  • complete process monitoring
  • LogiLoc® tracks your load carriers in regular short intervals, even in closed rooms and vehicles. Therefore you always know exactly where your load carrier is located.
  • compilation of localization flows and statistical data
  • control & notification – LogiLoc® warns you immediately when timeframes are exceeded. This prevents losses and idle times.


Clever GPS positioning system for rail traffic for the efficient acquisition of kilometric performance. You get the complete administration for wheel sets according to the EBA policy Pr.3524-25xbo for verification by the German federal railway organization at the push of a button.

  • positioning and communication solution, especially fitting the demands of the railway transport
  • detection & logging of the kilometrage (loaded and unloaded) as well as other important vehicle parameters
  • unique combination of GPS-capable and robust terminal devices, communication and security sensors



Profit from this clever and low-cost solution for the positioning of containers, trailers and swap trailers at your loading yard. LocYard is based on RFID technology. Therefore you have no monthly costs for mobile communication like you have when using conventional GPS-systems.

  • permanent control of your swap trailers and containers at your loading yard
  • control about arriving and leaving vehicles, trailers, containers … – to the minute
  • positioning via RFID – energy-efficient and long-lived
  • connection to CRM- and logistic systems possible

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