Drone management

Drone management

Drone use - made easy


volaer.io is a drone management system that offers tailor-made
solutions for a variety of tasks.
Drone users, drone operators and drone service providers can easily and safely integrate their drones
into urban airspace, including “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS) and “visual line of sight” (VLOS)
planning, as well as receiving permits to fly in accordance with international and local regulations.

Our services are based on the main SESAR 1 research programs for defining, developing and testing the U-Space 2 concept.

Use Cases

volaerio-usecase1Improved operational planning through early situation analysis and assessment

volaerio-usecase2Ensuring plant and site security

volaerio-usecase3Maintenance and predictive maintenance

volaerio-usecase4Detailed status reports to protect the forest ecosystem

volaerio-usecase5Recording and forecasting of harvest volumes or potential failures

volaer.io is built on a single framework, the volaer.io Core® Platform.


Picture source header: Adobe Stock 130734603

Picture source use cases: www.pixabay.com

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