Drone management

Drone management

Drone use - made easy

The OECON Hawk product family

The OECON Hawk product family is a drone management system that offers tailor-made
solutions for a variety of tasks.
Drone users, drone operators and drone service providers can easily and safely integrate their drones
into urban airspace, including “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS) and “visual line of sight” (VLOS)
planning, as well as receiving permits to fly in accordance with international and local regulations.

Our services are based on the main SESAR 1 research programs for defining, developing and testing the U-Space 2 concept.

logo-guided-hawk... for site monitoring with scheduled, recurring surveillance missions and delivery of video streams and high-resolution images.

... for ad hoc drone missions for rescue services and police with the ability to share the video stream with those involved and to control the drone on-site by emergency services.

logo-environment-hawk... for use in the context of environmental protection, for example, the taking of water samples for quality determination or the dropping of tree seeds for reforestation.

All members of the Hawk product family are built on a single framework, the OECON Hawk Core® Platform.


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