Project Digitaler Knoten 4.0 – Autonomously driving vehicles in Brunswick city traffic

DLR Test intersection in Brunswick, Source: DLR

oecon logo digitaler knotenOn April 15, 2019, the Braunschweiger Zeitung reported on the project “Digitaler Knoten 4.0”. Within the last 2.5 years the project team tested and developed automated and networked driving scenarios in city traffic. Test area is the Braunschweig city area, where recently autonomously driving vehicles are on the road to test at a selected test intersection, the autonomous turning function under real conditions in city traffic.

Since 2006, OECON Products & Services GmbH has been intensively involved in the topic of “autonomous driving”. The research projects FAMOS and GENEVA were the trailblazers in the Braunschweig region, which have significantly advanced the development of autonomous driving and automatic driver assistance systems.

With the project “Digitaler Knoten 4.0”, the development of networked road traffic now reaches a new level in order to make the interaction of road users at urban intersections more efficient and secure. On May 23, the project will be officially concluded with a presentation of the research results.

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