OECON at the Parliamentary Evening “Unmanned Aeronautics” in Berlin

oecon-Parlamentarischer-AbendOn 4 June 2019, a parliamentary evening “Unmanned Aeronautics” took place in the Saarland Representation in Berlin. The UAV DACH e.V., DMFV e.V., Parlamentsgruppe Luft- und Raumfahrt (PG LuR) invited its members to this interesting evening.

Our managing director Michael Gieselmann used this platform to exchange information about the current state of the art. As our UAV activities are steadily “gaining ground”, this evening provided a great opportunity to talk with industry and politics about current developments in the field of Unmanned Aeronautics.

About PG LuR:

“The Parliamentary Group on Aviation and Space (PG LuR) is a so-called Parliamentary Group (PG), to which members of the Bundestag unite to address a specific issue or concern.” Established in 1984 as a cross-party association, PG LuR is co-chaired with 100 members one of the largest parliamentary groups.” (~ Lobbypedia)

The PG LuR is an “important forum for the aerospace industry,” says Klaus-Peter Willsch, the Hessian CDU deputy, who is chairman of the PG LuR.

About UAV DACH e.V.:

“The UAV DACH e.V. has existed for 19 years and is the largest and most experienced German-speaking association for unmanned aviation in Europe, representing the interests of more than 185+ members from research, production and application from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.” (~ UAV DACH e.V.)

About DMFV e.V.

“The German Model Flyer Association is Europe’s largest association for model air sports …” with over 90,000 members and “… based in Germany. His goal is the preservation, maintenance and further development of model flying, in particular through the promotion and support of club and youth work. ”  (~ DMFV)


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