OECON at the ADAC Forum “Automated and Connected Driving”

oecon-adac-forumoecon adac forumoecon-adac-forumoecon adac forum

On 25.10.2019 the 3rd ADAC Forum “Automated and Connected Driving” took place in Hanover in the ADAC Driving Safety Center Hannover / Laatzen. Our colleagues were also present with our little eUP.

Automated and networked driving is still a long way off in many areas, but what’s already going on in theory and practice was tested and discussed on Friday last week at the ADAC driving safety facility. The ADAC says:

“Of course it will still take some time for privately used driverless cars to be on the road, but assistance systems are already opening up new mobility options and, above all, offer a significant increase in safety – even if traffic continues to increase.”

In our company history we have already actively supported and carried out some projects in this area. So we are curious to see how rapidly the development of new assistance systems is progressing and how automated and connected driving becomes reality in everyday traffic.

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