Our logsitics projects

Safe Rail



Safe railroad traffic by intelligently inter- networked and localization- supported telematic systems

The special innovation in the project “Safe Rail” was the development of an energy autarkic and maintenance free localization system, in which various single technologies were intelligently interconnected. Thereby a system was developed, with which the position of rail vehicles could be determined at any time point.



GALILEO- based localization procedures to improve the operational processes at airports

  • Enhancement of cost effectiveness and punctuality of the turn-around of aircrafts via new technologies and processes through process integration and information- sharing
  • Development of processes and technologies for situation awareness, planning support, communication, monitoring of the process state of airplane dispatches, cargo, luggage, and passengers.




Galileo-based seamless and robust Positioning Applications for logistics Optimization processes 

Goal of GALAPAGOS was the development of a positioning system for logistics, focusing on container localization. Therefore different positioning, communication and identification technologies have been examined. Satellite tracking (GPS, Galileo) and cell tracking (GSM, WLAN, RFID) have been combined into a hybrid solution, which allowes for a robust and as much as possible area- independent localization.

RFID Baggage Handling- System Study



Optimized flight luggage handling with the deployment of the traceable RFID- label

  • Development of a nominated evaluation process, which enables a clear statement about the economic viability of the deployment of traceable RFID- labels for the baggage handling at airports
  • Development of a mobile device for tracking and tracing of RFID- labels




GNSS- innovative technologies and their demonstration of localization in buildings

  • Localization of persons, vehicles and goods in various types of buildings
  • Intensive exploration, testing and demonstration of different technologies
  • Development, exploration, verification and demonstration of concepts for the combined utilization and integration of chosen individual systems
  • Considering requirements and typical application surroundings of various applications in the area of indoor navigation such as logistics, safety (e.g. monitoring of persons, reporting of emergencies) and transmission of location- dependent information

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